Station Road | Creative Precinct

Nestled in between the industrial quarters and the leafy green water views of Yeerongpilly is The Station Road Creative Precinct. Located off Ipswich road, Lucy St which turns into Station Road is a fabulous growing community of Artist, Movers and Shakers a like; Station Road Creative Precinct is their growing home, their space for creating, their Studios. 


Inside Philomena's Studio

The Tower Studio is equipped with Philomena's favourite mediums. Her iconic and unique style of using a range of mediums are seen throughout this high towered space. A Printing Press, its tools, inks & papers take up half of this light coloured studio. The other half is dedicated to Philomena's small works and collections; assortment of bones, found from animals that had once walked the land of Philomena's and husband, Fred's Property. Handcrafted and uniquely bound books, paintings, sculptures and small made treasures are found in every corner. A greenery sun lit space is located to the side of Philomena's studio where you may find her sitting with a fellow artist or friend enjoy a cuppa of sorts. 



Whats new at Philomena's Studio

Up & coming exhibition at the STATION ROAD CREATIVE PRECINCT 

Friday 30th November till Sunday 2nd December. 

Opening: Friday the 30th November at 6 pm.

STATION ROAD CREATIVE PRECINCT | 241/M Station Road, Yeerongpilly. Brisbane 4105